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In my twenties I was singer-songwriter in Sausalito, CA. I taught songwriting at the former Family Light Music at Gate 5. I was fortunate, not only to be a teacher, but a student of a master of the Chicago Blues, Michael Bloomfield. While there, I wrote a book called Songwriting: How To Write Music and Lyrics which was published in 1977. That year I moved Los Angeles where I wrote and played more songs, and won a songwriting contest. Then suddenly, at thirty-two, I gave up songwriting to write screenplays and, more recently, novels.

I always planned to return to songwriting someday, and it seems I have. Most of my songs begin as the soundtracks of my dreams. It always takes me a minute to realize the music is not from the radio, but from the dream itself. Some are not worth getting up and writing down. The others I carry downstairs to my studio and record the music and whatever lyrics accompanied it. I’ve finished most of them. I’ve performed them in and around Seattle, and more recently around my new home in Boise, Idaho. Here are some examples of my material from my Seattle days. I’ll be filming more recent songs soon. Please, use headphones or earbuds. The sound quality is well worth the effort, and thanks.

Bueno, the Roan

The song is in the voice of a man trying to guide his lifelong friend back to the humanity of their youth, when they rode horses among the forested hills of northern New Mexico.

Bueno the Roan2

Santa Fe County

This is the story of a man who leaves his young girlfriend behind in Texas to become who he calls the Poet of Santa Fe County. Though his ambition costs him the prospect of a happy life with her, it is a price he is willing to pay.

Sperry Hunt Santa Fe County