Sperry Hunt – Videos

Santa Fe County

This song is three letters written over several years by a young man to his younger girlfriend. He has left her to become who he calls “The Poet of Santa Fe County.” Though his ambition costs him a life with her, it is a price he is ultimately willing to pay.

Blues Suitcase

You only see my hand in this video, so I could capture more of these two extraordinary players: John Grayhound Maxwell (left, on dobro) and Jon Perry (center-right, on fiddle). It was filmed in Rainshadow Studio in Port Washington, Washington on 2/8/2020. The song called “Blues Suitcase” will be one of twelve original tracks on a CD to be released late this spring. It’s a Stagger Lee sort of story, born of a dream. The audio you hear is not from the microphones you see, but the small XY mics on the video camera. I will upgrade the audio to the mixed and mastered tracks later. We were crowded around a single bi-directional mic for the instruments and a super-cardioid mic for my vocal. Rainshadow is an acoustic Nirvana. At the end of the take, Jon looks above and asks,  “Do the notes ever die in here?”

Boy’s Town

The song is an apology to someone I knew briefly long, long ago. The video was shot on 1/4/2019 at my regular Friday night show at the Caffeina Roasting Company in Boise, ID.

The Glitter Is Gone

In this song the singer is a young Appalachian man in love with a young woman who seeks a glamorous life. When she refuses the advances of another suitor, the spurned man spreads a false rumor about her. The woman decides she must leave the town for the wider world, leaving the singer bereft.

Door in the Dark

“Door in the Dark” is a young man’s memory of his father, a drug smuggling pilot who spent years in prison.  The song is based on a friend’s recollection of his own dad. The video starts with five seconds of silence.

Bueno, the Roan

The song is in the voice of a man trying to guide his lifelong friend back to the humanity they experienced as boys riding among the forested hills of New Mexico on Pablo the Paint and Bueno the Roan.

A partial reading of my screenplay Texas Dick

Before turning back to writing novels and songs, I wrote six film scripts which include Texas Dick, Stealing Apollo, and Hello in There. All were represented. Two were optioned. None were produced. That’s show biz. But as Yogi Berra said, “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.”

Below is the script and video of a cold read of a portion of my Texas Dick script. A cold read, for those who don’t know this, is a reading by actors who have never seen the script below. This kind of performance lets you see the actors’ natural reactions as they first encounter the line. In the scenario two men in floppy hats and tights have been found unconscious in the darkness along a remote West Texas highway.  The men awake in the rural hospital at 1:00 AM believing that they are the Shakespearean characters the villainous Richard III and the pompous clown Sir John Falstaff from Henry IV.

To read and print the script pages click this link:

Texas Dick Cold Readers Performance

To watch the video click the image below: