When he’s not absurdly composing third person bios about himself,  Sperry Hunt writes high-concept screenplays, folk songs, and most recently a three-book, middle grade science fiction series.

In his twenties he was singer-songwriter in Austin and later in Marin County, CA. There he taught songwriting at the former Family Light Music School. During his tenure he was a student of a master of the Chicago Blues, Michael Bloomfield and wrote Songwriting: How To Write Music and Lyrics published in 1978. That year he moved Los Angeles where he wrote and performed songs. In 1979 he won a prize at the Len Chandler and John Braheny’s L. A. Songwriters Showcase. Then suddenly, at thirty-two, he gave up songwriting to write screenplays and, more recently, novels. 

Mr. Hunt is the grandfather of two girls whose names are the same as the lead characters in his novels. In 2017 he retired from his job as a software engineer at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle. In 2018 he and his artist wife Springer moved to Boise, Idaho where he performs his own songs across the Treasure Valley.

Most of his songs begin as soundtracks for his dreams.  Upon awakening he records whatever music and lyrical elements he recalls from the dream, and finishes the songs in the next few days or weeks. Several examples are on the Videos page of this site.


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